Thursday, 27 June 2013

Role play - 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.

A problem-solving and perseverance task.

 Holes are punched in cardboard tubes.

Using straws, the children were encouraged to 
put each one through a different hole to create a model.

A fishing game to learn Maltese alphabet.


 Sorting trays.

 These items were hidden in several places in class. Children had to look
out for them and place in the appropriate tray.

Learning through play

 The children build a castle.

 They construct a race track using laces.

 They tie the laces in an imaginative way using the holes in these shapes.

Playmobil characters are the spectators at the car race. 

The finishing line - a Maltese flag.

 A boy uses a cardboard tube to announce the start of the race:
'Ready, steady, go....'

 Using blocks to build a maze.

Numeracy using blocks and a fishing game.