Saturday, 11 May 2013

Messy Play - Squeezy Foam Painting.

After filling some plastic bags with shaving cream
a tablespoon of food colouring was added to each bag. The bags were tied with a 
rubber band.  On presenting the bags to the children, the teacher snipped a little
hole on the bag's end so that children would be able to squeeze out the foam.

The children were curious to know what was inside the bags.

When one boy smelt the bag, he guessed that it was shaving cream that 
'nannu jagħmel biex iqaxxar il-leħja'.

The activity encouraged the children to become active learners as it
stimulated many of their senses at once.  They could feel, smell and see the
consequences of this messy play. They were the ones directing the learning opportunity.

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