Sunday, 28 April 2013

Role play: Playing Shop

 The children prepared the shop signs and price tags.

 The customers queued outside the animal soft toy shop.

 A salesman opened the shop for the customers.

 The shop was very busy.

 Goods were packed in bags.

 The cashier and the salesman.

The cashier pretended he was swiping the 'credit card'.

 The customer signed the 'chit'.

Matching patterns

 The children described each pattern and tried to find out to which animal
the particular pattern belonged, e.g. black stripes to a zebra.

 Then they were to find the animal soft toy corresponding to the
particular pattern.

This boy designed patterns on the interactive whiteboard.

Learning the alphabet - directionality.


Children's initiated play.

 Construction area.

 The children investigated and explored the amount of soft toys they 
required to balance the scales.

This girl scribbled the number corresponding to the amount
of soft toys in each tray.

They used the teacher's reading chair as a puppet theatre.

Using a puppet, this boy is narrating the story to his friends.