Monday, 26 November 2012

Fun at kinder!

 A child narrates a story to his friends.

 Watching a story on computer.

 A cardboard racing track!

 Aural discrimination game. A child is blindfolded and sits with back to children.
One child taps on shoulder and asks 'Who am I?'
 Child sitting down tries to guess who the child is by listening to the voice.

Painting and rubbing

 Water-painting using corks.

 Leaf printing.
 Leaf rubbing.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Outing to Valletta - Puppetry

 The children walked in a line till we reached the venue.

 Puppet show

 The puppeteer.

 They were encouraged to put up a show.

A learning experience with Bee-bot, the programmable robot

 The children worked collaboratively to explore 
how far it is that a Bee-bot can travel with each step.

More crafts re storybook 'Elmer'

 The children paint elephant puppets.

They collage an elephant drawing with pieces of different coloured fabric.

 Children's lovely free drawings re storybook.

 A colourful display of children's work.

 Painting elephant masks.

 Children have fun with the puppet while they blow the elephant's trunk and 
make a sound to resemble a trumpeting elephant.